Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gasoline Experiment Update 2

Well, I would love to let you know my MPG.... only one problem. I haven't run out of gas yet!! I still have just under a half a tank left. I have driven about 220 miles so far. I am not driving as much as I did last week, but it is only a difference of maybe 50 miles. So, I can't give you a real update at this point except to say the last time my gas lasted over 8 days I was probably on vacation!!! I expect I will need to fill up Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I will give another update as soon as I do. But, for now, I would say Hypermiling IS real. It works. I just can't say by how much yet.

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Shelby T said...

I like the new layout, and can see it great. Have you thought about how you would define "debt-free"? I have been asking everyone I am comfortable with, and have recieved some interesting theories and opinion...especially with married couples. Shelby T,