Friday, June 6, 2008

Did Cash Crate Pay Out? Plus tips if you join.

Well, I haven’t gotten my check yet but I did make $10 last month and right now that check is being processed to be sent out to me on the 15th of this month!! I know $10 isn’t a whole lot of money, but it was 10 free dollars and there was not a lot of work involved. In fact, I kind of enjoyed some of it!! You can get your own free $10 here, but please follow these tips!!

Set up a dummy email account. Most people already have these. If you don’t, just go to hotmail and set up a free account. That way any spam will be sent there and you won’t have to worry about it. You WILL have to provide an email on most offers and some require that you verify.

Be very selective. When you first sign up, you will have many offers that do not ask for your phone number. These are the ones I completed. And, yes, if you look there are at least enough of them for you to make your $10.

Do not give out your phone number. I would not give out your phone number on any of the applications. If they ask for a number, (except for some of the survey companies) just click out of the offer and do another one. I put my number in on two offers. One of them called one did not. The one that called I just told them I was not interested, but be careful because some say they will send you text messages and if you don’t have free texting you will have to pay for those. One exception here is the one for the insurance quotes. I gave them my number and it was not a problem. I actually DID find a better deal for my auto insurance but I am not going to switch right now.

So, have I been bombarded with spam, trash mail, texts or phone calls?

Spam- Yes, but I made a dummy account so I am not concerned. I use this email to sign up for other free trials etc. So, I had been using it for a while but now it is constantly being bombarded. Make a new address to use with Cash Crate or you will be sorry!!

Trash Mail- No. I gave out my home address on several offers and have yet to receive any garbage in my mail box.

Texts- I have not received any texts, but I was very selective about the offers I opted in to.

Phone calls- Only two companies called me. One about a vacation and one about insurance quotes, but they simply left a message and did not call back. The vacation folks I told I was not interested and they have not called back. I would still caution you against giving out your number for most offers though.

I haven’t used Cash Crate since I made it to $10 and I may or may not. There is a free NetFlix trial that will make me $13 (I think). But, I have to give credit card info. I am not really concerned with that because I have used NetFlix before, so I may do that one. Other than that I am pretty happy just taking the money and running!!

If you are ready to join now you can do so here!!

If you have experience with Cash Crate I would love to hear about it!!

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