Thursday, June 12, 2008

Will we make it this month?

This month has been an odd one. I got paid a week and a half early because we get paid on the last working day of each month. It was "just in time" because my budget for the previous month was pretty much gone.

Now, I am in the process of really revamping our budget and this month was the first trial run of that. That hurt us a little too. Add to that the cost of gas, another strike. Finally, I took my husband shopping with me last week and he drove. He likes to accelerate way too quickly and do you want to know if that makes a big difference? YES! My gas normally last 6-7 days, that week it lasted 4!! (I guess you can't really call that a week, but it was a week's worth of gas)

So, I have $50 left in my grocery budget, one more week's worth of gas, and $100 left in my monthly emergency fund. I also have $40 in cash, and $15 in CVS ECB's. So I think I can make it. I will probably have to dip into savings for a little of the gas, but other than that I should be fine. It is going to be tight though.

One thing I will have to do really well with is groceries. I am going to have to shop our house BIG TIME. However the reason the grocery budget is so low is because I have over a month's worth of meat stored. All I really need to buy for the rest of the month are bread, veggies, and dairy. I have snacks stockpiled as well as cereal.

Personally I think I am doing pretty well since this is my second month without a full paycheck. (my last check was $70) I am glad I am not considered on maternity leave anymore!! Next month we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming. :)

Well, I will update at the first of next month to let you know how I did.

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