Monday, June 16, 2008

Can I Just Say....

Do you ever hear a piece of advice that makes no sense to you? Do you ever hear it so often it begins to get on your nerves?

Can I just say... If I froze my credit cards in a block of ice, there would be nothing but lack of a little hot water that could keep me from using it?

This really is a mindset and if you are not ready to stop using them, none of these little tricks will really work, but I especially hate the ice one!!


Shelby T said...

Yeah, that is silly advice. I had heard it and passed it to you, but I think it one of those things that creates a false sense of security for people. It might as well be in your wallet, because if you want to use it you will. It sounds like you are doing great though! Your ideas, advice, and especially the personal examples are always nice to read. Shelby T.

Jen said...

I didn't realize you had posted about that, lol. I was on another blog the other day and it was just one too many times of hearing it. Probably the main reason is because as a kid I LOVED to melt ice by pouring hot water over it. My mom would always get mad at me for "wasting" ice, lol. (We didn't have an ice maker and had to use those horrible ice trays)

Imagine a person who found joy in melting ice as a child freezing her credit cards. It would be a double bonus to go shopping!!

Shelby T said...

Totally fine. I heard it, and just passed it along. Those silly "tricks" are really not suggesting an actual commitment to becoming debt free.