Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Way to Make Money on a Website

Sometimes, when I think back to "when I was young" I can't believe the advances that have taken place with technology. I also never really thought about the fact that in the United States we have access to credit cards so easily. I guess this is not the case in other countries.

There is a new service, called Password By Call, for people who have websites with paid content. Since many websites get international traffic, but many of those people do not have credit cards, this service may help.

A customer from another country can call a number. From this number they get a password to the content site. I am assuming that the fee for the paid content is charged to their phone bill. It really is a simple idea if you think of it, but who'd have thought?? :)

I am not sure exactly how it would work with blog sites, but say you had an e-book you wanted to sell online. Anyone with a telephone would be able to buy it from you!! It could really expand your customer base.

Anyway, if you do have a paid site and are interested, there are no set up fees. They cover many languages and markets including India and China. They have even had calls from Antarctica according to their site. And, probably the best part, they pay every two weeks. (Do you hear that Google?)

You can check out some realtime stats HERE.

Or visit their site HERE. It is worth it just to see the freaky video guy. His eyes follow your mouse...

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