Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Step Ahead of the Joneses

My husband and I recently had a conversation where he said for Christmas he wanted to buy our daughter something for Christmas that would make all the other kids on the street jealous. See, this past Christmas she got a scooter and in the last month about 4 other kids have gotten them too. These other kids have not had birthdays or any other reason to get a scooter. I guess their parents just finally gave in to the constant begging. It was never our intention to make anyone jealous, but my husband is just having a ball with this.

I told him NO we would not be doing that because we were not playing "keeping up with the Joneses". He thought this was NOT the same thing because he would be buying it first!!!

I couldn't even believe my ears, but now I understand some of his ideas a little better. Keeping up with the Joneses does not mean you buy something because your neighbor has it, it means you are buying things to impress people who you could care less about. No thank you.

We still have several months to go until Christmas so I am sure I will be hearing more about it. I know she will get some good toys, but we are not going to buy her anything to make other kids jealous. My post on Monday explained that best.

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