Thursday, June 26, 2008

Financial Tip Friday

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I wanted to get very basic for my first tip. I often surf other personal finance blogs and I notice that a lot of them have gotten away from simple debt reduction tips and often post things that I don't even find relevant to personal finance. So, this is for those newbies trying to get their finances in order.

The tip for today is, if you are in debt, stop borrowing now! Stop using your credit cards, don't take out any more loans just STOP!!

It may sound impossible but last year I did just that. I honestly thought we NEEDED our credit cards to live. I had started reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover (see sidebar) and I finally got the courage to cut up my cards. I chopped them all to pieces. I was expecting to feel really anxious after doing that, but instead I got really calm. The stress was gone. I COULD NOT use them anymore. I COULD NOT create any more debt!!! It was great. So, my tip... if you haven't done so yet, STOP CREATING MORE DEBT.

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I added a link to my site where I tell about getting into movies for a buck! :)