Friday, June 20, 2008

Thanks Reader Shelby T.!!!

Recently, in a comment, Shelby asked how I was doing with my debt repayment. I knew it was lower, but I thought perhaps I had made a mistake in my calculations because it was thousands of dollars lower than I thought it should be.

Well, I decided to figure it up. I subscribed to NetworthIQ last year so I had the exact figures from August of 2007. Since then I have paid off around $6000 of debt! Maybe that is not a lot for a whole year, but considering that was the exact time when I stopped my debt snowball and started saving for the baby I think it is quite good!

On top of that my net worth has improved. At the time I last checked it was -$21,000 it is now -$12000. So it has increased $9000 even though it is still in the negative. I think that is really awesome for one year. That of course comes from retirement savings and the savings that were to go toward the hospital bills.

Anyway, this gave me a nice little pick me up. So, thanks for your question Shelby!!

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