Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Result of My Crisis Plan... Debt Free Baby

To discourage anyone from starting a Blogger blog I am leaving this picture like it is. Blogger is stupid and this is how my right side up picture came out.

BUT.... this post is about the fact that THIS is a debt free baby!!! Our plan gave us the money to be able to pay our bills in full, so no extra debt due to baby!! Yea!!

It is also to brag on my beautiful baby!!


LittleStar said...

Credit card debt is on its all time high with today's economy. Hopefully people can obtain the help they need to get out of debt. Congrats on the baby!

Jen said...

I know. It is crazy. Crazier still that after a year of not using CC's at all there is stil so much to pay back!! Thanks!!