Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Did you know? Student Loan Payoff

You can now link your Sallie Mae student loans to your Upromise account. In four years, my account has only accrued $2. But, I recently went in and connected it to my student loan, added another debit card and my CVS card. It won't pay off the loan much faster, but free money is free money.

On a side note, I just looked and in 18 months of paying $140 a month I have knocked off exactly $1000 of debt. What a joke! I can't wait to get rid of my other debt and start really knocking that off!! Plus in two and a half more years I may qualify to have $5000 paid off with the teacher forgiveness act. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works for librarians too!! (I am a certified teacher in the school)

Oh, here is the math- 140 X 18 = $2520 Loans suck!

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