Saturday, June 14, 2008

We Only Do It Once a Month... Revisited.

Last year, I wrote about the fact that I hate how I only have the money to work towards paying my debt off once a month. Well, in a moment I will talk more about how that is not necessarily true even if you are only paid once a month like me. However, I am getting really frustrated right now because I can't even do this!!

I am still waiting on final bills from our hospital, anesthesiologist, and one doctor. I want to pay them all off, but I haven't gotten the bills yet. Well, we have gotten bills but they had errors and one has had to be sent back to the insurance company THREE times!!

So, what can you do when you truly CAN NOT pay your creditors? (I mean because the bill has not come not because you have no money :) I like to plan. In fact, I have changed my plan a few times since starting it. I simply opened up a word file and started typing about what I WOULD do once the bills came in. It help get it off my mind. As long as I owe money I feel very anxious that I might forget exactly what it was I wanted to do. I keep my "plans" saved in a specific folder and any time it starts bothering me I open up the file and read it.

Now, back to what I was saying about it not being true that "we only do it once a month". If you feel like I used to, snowflaking is the answer for you. Right now I am waiting on a $4 single check rebate from Rite Aid, a $10 check from CashCrate, a $4xx MIR, and a $100 MIR from my cell phone. Some people won't try things like CashCrate, or they won't mail in rebates because they think it isn't worth their time for the money they get back. Well, I am going to get $118 for my troubles!! All of that, since it is unexpected money, goes to debt. If I get the check on the 15th, I will pay the bill on the 16th. I don't allow the money to "sit" in my account. If I do that it gets used for something else.

I am also about to head over to Cash4Books and sell more books to them. Get this.... the titles I am selling were rejected last time, but now they are buying them. So, if at first they say no to a book, try it again later!!

The point is, anytime you get extra money that you are not expecting, OR that if from something like a rebate, put it toward your debt. I recently got a check back from one of the doctors because after insurance we had overpaid. I used that check to pay TWO months worth of my regular payment toward my credit card. That also helped me reach a milestone with that card of getting it under $3000! So, while some holdups are frustrating, you CAN do it more than once a month!!

Please share your ideas for adding to your debt repayment efforts!!

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