Sunday, July 1, 2007

End of June Report

Well I DID IT! I did not use my credit card a single time this month! GO ME! I also paid $500 toward my balance. It kind of sucks because last month I had to shell out $400 for new tires so it kind of just balanced that out. But, at least I didn't add any more expenses this month.

I also finally got a little money in my emergency fund, that way if something (like tires) comes up again I'm covered. And, I just got my bill for car taxes so I will be using some for that.

I am trying something else new as well. I set up a notebook that has all of the amounts I set for certain categories. I don't really have a strict budget but I do allot for gas, day care, etc since I only get paid once a month. In the notebook I wrote down all the amounts and left space so that I can subtract whatever I spend and know how much I have in each specific category. I know it would be easier to have it on the computer but for some reason that wasn't working for me so hopefully this will.

I am also working on a spreadsheet that will allow me to do what I normally do on paper on the computer. Kind of hard to explain, but if I get all the bugs worked out I would be more than happy to share with everyone.

Be sure you check back next week, as I am scheduled to host the Carnival of Debt Reduction!!

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