Thursday, June 28, 2007

Credit Agencies Make Me Sick

Last night I saw another commericial for "" This is where you go to get a "free" credit report. However you have to enroll in their "Triple Advantage" program which means the report is by no means free.

For those of you who don't know, everybody in the US can get a free credit report from all three agencies free once a year. The address for the free report is

Here are some even better tips. You can get your report from all three agencies at once, but usually they will contain the same information. The best thing to do is get one every 4 months. (for example in Jan., May, Sept, then Jan again) This way you can keep track of your report for FREE all year. If you notice anything that seems out of place contact the agency. If they make a change they will report it to the other two.

Sometimes when I get my free credit report I will go ahead and check my score too. This is not free. It can cost anywhere from 4 to 7 dollars from the credit agencies but I like to pay a little more and get a better report. I get that from

The last time I got mine it was around $15. Which is almost double the price above BUT it tells you what you are doing right AND what you are doing wrong. For instance, I had opened too many new accounts in the past year. Now that I know that I will be keeping it to a minimum. I only check my score about once a year.

I hope this information helps someone. I get so mad at those commercials. I feel like they should have to disclose the fact that you REALLY can get one for free. Something you rarely hear about anymore.

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