Monday, July 9, 2007

95th Carnival of Debt Reduction at Picture of Wealth!

Welcome to the 95th Carnival of Debt Reduction! We have some great articles this week on a wide range of topics.

On Debt and Credit Cards…..

Paid Twice has done some serious credit card research. Check out this plan for using 0% interest on balance transfers to your advantage. It is broken down into several scenarios that you may just be contemplating yourself.

Free Money Finance warns us to be leery of debt settlement services. Read here to see why it could actually backfire on your debt reduction efforts.

The Credit Analyst wants you to be careful when applying for store credit cards. Not only can it negatively affect your credit score to open up so many new accounts- those special offers that reel you in may not be so sweet either. Here’s why…

The King of Debt at We’re in Debt paid off $35,000 of credit card debt in ONE year. Granted they had a little luck on their side, but he has some awesome tips than anyone can use to supercharge their debt payment efforts.

Trent at The Simple Dollar takes on saving for retirement vs. repaying debt. Should you do both at the same time? One before the other? This is something I struggle with myself (don’t we all?). Read here to see his ideas.

On Life and Money…..

Stephanie doesn’t want to be rich! And, she has some pretty good reasons why. Maybe reducing debt so that you can live more comfortably (and happily) is a better goal than being able to outspend Bill Gates.

The Happy Rock ponders what role your current relationships are playing in your finances. Do you have friends who simply accept you or friends who encourage you to better yourself? Which is best? Read here and decide for yourself.

Inspired by a reader’s comment, Tricia at Blogging Away Debt explores the question of whether you should tell family members about your debt situation. Her own commentary is very insightful as are her readers’ comments…Check it out!

And on the Business side of things….

Do you have your own business? Maybe just thinking about starting one? Bootstrapper has an interesting article on how to turn $5000 in startup money into $200,000

This week Money Walks has some great tips on how to Maximize Tax Deductions on Travel. He tells you what is and is NOT an acceptable deduction, plus, other tips you might not be aware of.

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