Friday, July 27, 2007

More on Groceries

Let’s see. Do I really have to count today as the first week of my “new” way of grocery shopping? Yes, I guess I do. And, how did I do? TERRIBLE! First, I took my husband and kids with me. MISTAKE NUMBER ONE! I also bought a few items that were not grocery but we needed, like diapers for the baby. However, I also bought some things that we did not need at all. Add in to that my daughter begging for junk food, my husband saying yes most of the time and well, we spent just under $200. However we definitely bought more than a week worth of food. So when I go back next time, BY MYSELF, I think it will be much much better. Let’s hope!

Funny, when I posted my last post on groceries, Trent at the Simple Dollar and JD at Get Rich Slowly both had grocery articles up too. Here they are because they were both really good and related. Trent’s article JD’s article I have deemed August “Grocery Savings Month” because, well, I want to. I will try to keep everyone updated on MY progress. Please share your own tips too!

Sorry if the updates are a bit slow this month. I will be starting back to school ( and have actually been working the last two weeks ). The first few weeks of school are always hectic and library is a new position for me. If you don’t want to miss any updates you may want to subscribe so you will be notified by email. Thanks!!


Shelby T said...

Grocery shopping with kids is the worst, isn't it? I always have to take them with me..ya know, single mom thing. Are you a teacher? That must be nice to be able to spend time with your kids during the summer! Or, do you have to work? I think that would be the best job...except for having to be around kids all of the time. Does that ever drive you crazy? Grocery shopping is where I save the most. I do the whole coupon thing and my kids hold them and help me find what I have coupons for.

Jen said...

I have worked ALL this summer, some paid some not. That is a good idea about getting your kids involved with the coupons. I could probably even get my oldest to become the "bargain hunter" and try to find the lowest price on every item.