Sunday, July 29, 2007

Debt Snowball Intensifiers!!

Okay I don't even know if that really is a word, but you get what I mean. I am going to say it again CASH4BOOKS ROCKS!!!

I just put in a new order today and I am getting over $30 for 9 books. That works out to a little over 3 dollars per book. (some are actually worth 6 and one only .50) Tell me how much you charged for your books at your last garage sale? I usually charge 25 to 50 cents. Sometimes I try to get 3-5 bucks for textbooks. But I have NEVER sold thirty dollars worth!

So far my sales to Cash 4 Books have totaled almost exactly $100. The hardest thing about it is finding a box to ship the books in. Here it is step by step on how it works:

1. Gather up old books you don't want. (non-fiction) Hell, if you are trying to pay off your debt you might even gather up some you DO still want. (How bad do you want to be debt free?)
2. Go to the website here and enter the isbn for each book. Do it all at once then highlight the list and copy it just in case.
3. See which books they are or are not buying. If they are not buying one check back in ONE week. They update weekly. If you don't want 50 cents for your copy of Yoga for Dummies take it off your list and try again in a week. I did this with one book and it went from two bucks to five. (they can go down though)
4. Once your list is ready to go check out.
5. Print your packing list and FREE shipping label.
6. Find a box (hardest step I promise)
7. Pack them up (see website's tips) and send them off.

If you choose PayPal for your payment you get a 3percent bonus, but PayPal does take a percentage of the sale (I think 3percent, lol)
I don't miss the books I get rid of and if I do I can always go to the library and check them out- which is what I should have done in the first place.

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