Saturday, July 7, 2007

Supplementing Income Part 3- WOW! So easy!

I was over at volition just surfing around last month and I came across a thread for Cash4Books. A lot of the people said that none of their books were listed but (being a book junkie) I thought I would try some of mine. (you can search by isbn #)The first book was accepted, then the second, third time lucky too! I ended up sending them around 15 old books I had lying around and I got just under $70!!!

I thought okay, yeah it says I will get $70 but when I send them in they will all have "something" wrong and they won't pay me. NOPE! I sent them in with the pre-paid label I printed off my computer and within about a week, they deposited the money into my Paypal account (paypal does charge a small fee on your payment).

Well, I thought maybe I could turn this into a little side business by going to my local thrift store and finding books, checking them on my Blackberry while I was in the store and only getting books that were worth more than what I was paying. Well, I walked into my thrift store only to find that they were going out of business... nice. But I think I will hit up some of the local yard sales. People are always trying to get rid of old textbooks (one of my best sales was for an OLD textbook $20)

A few tips- They only take non-fiction books.

Also, if you don't like the price, check back in a week. Their prices change weekly. I had a Rachel Ray cookbook that they were not even buying the first time I put it in. Then I tried again later and they accepted it. ALso, I had a book that they were going to pay around $1.75 for, when I reentered it a week later to add it to the actual invoice it was worth almost $5!!

You only have one week from the time you submit your order to get the books to them because like I said the prices change weekly.

Try this out and if you have any questions please ask! I would be more than happy to give my experience!

OOPS, ALMOST FORGOT!!! You actually get a BONUS for using Paypal to accept payment. Like 3% I think!

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