Sunday, July 15, 2007

Groceries - Let's go shopping!

I was inspired by this post over at FreeMoneyFinance. I don't know if it is really possible to save $2000 by buying store brands. However, I have noticed that I am hemorrhaging money in the grocery budget area. I know what the problem is. Here are some of our really bad habits:

1. Going to Taco Bell for dinner.
2. Not eating things we buy and actually throwing out food because it has gone bad.
3. Not paying any attention to what we have at home and could add to to create meals at a lower cost.

Whew, I got if off my chest finally! Now granted Taco Bell is probably the cheapest fast food chain around, but there are some weeks where we eat there 3 times a week or more. (not the kids, just my husband and I) The other two are really just being lazy and a lack of planning. Well, I am going to try an experiment for next month and I will let you all know how it goes. First, I am going to plan our meals. At least 5 meals per week. I will also buy some "lazy night" things like hotdogs that we can do on nights when I don't feel like cooking. Also, I am going to try to implement FMF's idea of buying store brand where possible. Finally, I am going to try shopping once a week.

Why I am choosing some of these things:
Well, I used to cook a lot. I don't do it as much because I have just been lazy. It is healthier for me and my family not to be eating all of that over processed junk. I will shop once a week because what I try to do currently is shop for two weeks. This isn't working. I either forget what I had planned to cook and food spoils or I don't buy enough. This causes us to go to Taco Bell or back to the grocery store where more impulse shopping happens etc. Hopefully, if I go with a list once a week with meals already in mind this will work.

As I said I will start trying it in August and we will see! If you have any tips that you think might help, please post them!

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