Sunday, July 29, 2007

This week's carnivals

Carnival of Personal Finance- This link is working now. I was sent the wrong one.

Carnival of Debt Reduction

My favorites from the C of DR.

Debt Free Revolution says Credit Cards are Bad Math…. So leave Dave Ramsey alone

When I checked this poll it was almost dead even 74 to 75 in favor of high interest being paid first. My readers do not agree. You will save some money going high rate first, but I tend to agree again with Ramsey on this one… lots of debt snowball posts in this carnival! Check it out at NCN network

Finally, what is the main reason we are trying to pay off debt? Paid Twice says to spend more money! So true! My main motivator is so that we can buy things out right instead of taking out loans for everything. A good tip here if you want to save is to make it automatic. The first thing I did after getting my degree and getting a job was to earmark a nice chunk for retirement. I have never seen it therefore I never spent it, I saved it.

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