Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Warning for Parents That MAY Save You Money

I got this information over two months ago, but never thought to share it until now. On a recent visit to our pediatrician he made a comment that was pretty unbelievable. If one product were to be outlawed he would probably see 400 less cases a year!

That thing was plug in type air fresheners. He said it also would help if people did not use products like Febreeze and other spray fresheners too. However, the biggest culprit to children's allergy and sinus problems that he saw were the plug in fresheners.

Our new baby had been having sinus trouble. Her little nose was stopped up so bad it made it hard for her to eat.... imagine when you have to have a constant suction going on with your mouth to eat and your nose is clogged!!! The doctor asked if we had any plug ins which we did. Two very close to her sleeping area. As we were speaking to the doctor my husband blew his nose and sneezed at least 5 times. Thinking back, we had just changed out all the refills and our 3 year old had to be kept out of daycare that same week for bad sinus problems.

Of course we immediately came home and took them all out of the wall. We had probably 6 or 7 throughout the house. Well, our electric bill went down about $20 the next month. I couldn't believe how much money we would save by getting rid of these stupid things (I hated them anyway because the refills for the type my husband likes are $7!!) So here is the math.

$15 a month doctor copay for at least ONE of our kids needing to go to the doctor. (that is about what it was because before the baby came we were taking our 3 year old constantly)

$7 X 4 refills every two months (about what we would buy) $28 every other month.

$20 a month in electricity. (kind of hard to believe it was that much but that was how much it went down... possibly other factors. Plus I didn't include allergy meds which is expensive too, so I'm going with this)

That is roughly $588 a year!! Now seriously how bad does your house smell? Because we haven't missed them at all!! My husband and 3 year old are breathing much better. The baby is still having problems so there is something else bugging her but she is still much better than before. I was never effected by them and you may not be either, but if you have kids with allergies this may be the cause!!

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