Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Final Hypermiling Report with/without Hypermiling MPG

Alright, my hypermiling experiment probably got more comments than any other post I have ever written. I think it got 3, lol. So, I wanted to publish my final report on the matter.

I did things a bit backward. I hypermiled a tank of gas first and found my mileage. Then I realized I needed an up to date baseline because the last time I had checked my MPG was a few years back.

So, my regular driving tank of gas earned me 19 MPG. My hypermiling driving tank of gas was 22 MPG. An increase of 3 miles per gallon. At first it does not seem like a lot, but remember we have to multiply that by the number of gallons my tank holds which is 16. So my efforts in hypermiling earned me and extra 48 miles on one tank of gas.

So is that good? For me YES!! Forty-eight miles is the equivalent of more than one day’s driving to me. I am extending my gas for an extra day each time I fill up. Say I fill up once a week. In one year I will have gotten an extra 52 days worth of gas.

I will include links to my other hypermiling posts at the bottom of this one so you can see what I did exactly.

I think I can do even better though. I mentioned in my last report that several times I had “forgotten” to use the techniques. If I can keep from doing that so much I will definitely improve my mileage even more.

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