Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Replace, Repair

I can't imagine what life will be like when my daughters are my age. Even I have become somewhat corrupted by today's technology which is awesome.... but disposable.

A few days ago our washer quit working. The agitator would not agitate. And, our clothes were not getting clean. My knee jerk reaction was that we were going to have to use our emergency fund to buy a new one. And, our dryer was not really working all that well either so I may as well replace that too.

I forgot that there are these guys (and gals) known as repairmen. And, they can actually fix things that are broken instead of you having to replace them. Now, this would not work for a cell phone or a cd player, but they can fix your major appliances.

So the repairman came today and for $160 I now have a working washer. I just wanted to remind you all that sometimes you don't have to replace, you can repair!!

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