Tuesday, July 8, 2008

They Made Fun of Me... I Guess That Is A Good Sign

In Total Money Makeover (see sidebar), Dave Ramsey says that when people start making fun of you or thinking you are crazy that is a good sign. It means you have "gazelle intensity" on paying off your debt and getting your finances in order.

Well, this weekend I was talking to some family members about thinking I had lost some coupons. One was for buy one get one free of something I use a lot, so I was really upset at the thought that I had lost all of these. (I found them later).

Anyway, as I was telling the story, I looked over and one of them was rolling her eyes at the other. It really hurt my feelings, and I immediately shut up about my coupons. I was thinking about it later (almost in tears) and realized this was in fact a GOOD sign.

I happen to know a little about these folks' finances, and I know it is NOT good. So, while I am using my coupons and saving money, getting great deals for my family, and building a secure future, they can roll their eyes all they want.

When I read TMM, I thought I would never see anyone making fun of me because of the kind of family (I thought) I had. But, now I know for sure I am on the right track, and it has just made my efforts that much stonger. In fact, I went home and listed a couple of items on Ebay!!

Yea me!

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Shelby T said...

How horrible! Don't let the haters bring you down. My parents are in quite a pickle financially, and they always make crappy comments about my debt-paydown efforts. I think it is just jealousy! Thanks for mentioning me in your post again, and thanks for the answer about debt defining. It sounds like you are just keeping your debt separate from your husband's. I think Suze would approve! I am about to put some hard saved money in an IRA. It would have been more, but I was missing my little ones and purchased a ticket to visit them at their Dad's. But, I did pay cash for the ticket which is a step in the right direction. Shelby T.