Sunday, July 20, 2008

Points for everyone!!!

I just joined a new site called It is for anyone 13 or older to join and take surveys. I just joined a few minutes ago and I already have 2,200 points!!! They are also giving away gas cards when you meet a certain point goal. The prizes are mainly gift cards but you can also redeem points to have $25 put into you Paypal account which is the best option as far as I am concerned. This reward costs 29, 000 points but like I said, in one day I have earned over 2000 points!! The reason I say pay pal is best is because they have other gift cards for $25 that cost more points ??? If you just have it added to your PayPal you can buy any gift cards you want. If you are thinking of joining I can get you some extra points!!!
This is my referral code 2151995221
It says on the application that you will earn 500 points for entering this code but I only got 100. I told them about it but it may have to do with the first quick survey being validated which takes a few days. Anyway, code is 2151995221 go here to join.... SayNation This is a direct link to the application.

Also, if you are interested in joining MyPoints (more free gift cards) will you please email me pictureofwealth @ so I can refer you? Thanks!!

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