Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Things You Never Wanted to Know About This Blog

How the title came to be.

Obviously it is a play on the phrase "picture of health" which actually is the title of my personal blog. But it is more than that.

When I started blogging on Blogger I did so with a blog on The Secret. That book that everyone was buzzing about for a while. I wanted to try using the principles, trying to make them work, but reporting on my findings in an objective manner. Well, I found as I worked with it, that it had a major flaw. It only focused on getting stuff. I found the principles went along with a lot of teachings of yoga and other mind-body focused ways of thinking (minus the focus on "stuff"). So I knew it worked to an extent. But, I didn't want to be so focused on "stuff". I knew "stuff" would not make me happy.

However, there is one good thing that I took away from it and I still use to this day. And, that is that your mind set has a lot to do with how well you do. If you focus on debt all the time, I do believe you will attract more of it. (Not to the extent those people make it out to be, but still a little). So I named this blog Picture of Wealth, even though I wasn't, in hopes that one day I would be.

My tagline "join the journey" really fits because this is a journey. I have picked up a lot of cool things along the way, dropped a lot of bad habits, and am still working on the others. I hope for those who have joined me you have picked up a little something along the way.

So now you know... even if you never wanted to!

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