Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Tuesday

It is Tuesday isn't it? I did so good last week!!! I added a lot of new stuff which hadn't happened in quite a while and now... nada. Well, I have had some new medical issues to deal with that were quite unexpected, but don't worry I am doing fine. I am also having a SUPER crazy week at work, requiring me to work later hours... which is not at all common for me. And, to top all of that off, my in-laws are coming this week, so I am trying to get things ready for that. Is this enough of an excuse? LOL.... I will try to get some new content up soon... here is a quick little story though....

My husband went on vacation to visit his parents a while back. While he was gone I decided to do one of those room makeovers for him. I worked my behind off for three days getting it all ready. We had a futon frame in this room with no mattress so I went out and bought an air mattress for it. It actually fit really well, and it was one of those that blows itself up which is great! Well, long story short.. he didn't really care for the room that much. We decided to get rid of the futon frame so he deflated the mattress and while he finished other things he put it out on the back porch... of course it rained and he had forgotton the mattress was on the porch... So it was ruined. Well, with his parents coming down he decided we needed to buy a new one... OH NO, I said.... I thought my mom had one we could borrow... She did and we did so now we have what we need without spending money!!! Moral of the story- Don't leave expensive stuff out in the rain, but if you do see if you can borrow one instead of buying one all over again.... and this time keep it out of the rain :) Have a great week everyone. I will try to post again if I can this week!!!!!

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