Saturday, January 5, 2008

Free Gifts for Next Christmas

Ok, ok... I know the last thing you probably want to think about right now is Christmas, but I have a great tip that you have to start on now if you plan to use it in December. And, this is not just for Christmas obviously. You can use this for birthday gifts, etc. I wish I had realized it sooner but I didn't so on to next year!!!

What I am talking about is This is a survey company I have talked about before. They do NOT give cash, but the rewards are actually quite cool AND they can be given to other people. Mainly I am thinking of the magazine subscriptions they offer. These are really good subscriptions!! They are popular magazines that you HAVE heard of. I have already gotten a subscription to Redbook and Shape magazine and they also have Fast Company, TV guide, etc. THere are other rewards, like certain amounts of cash off of places like eBags, Omaha Steaks, etc. You can also get airline miles for Northwest and others (don't know because I would only use miles from NWA)

Anyway, you must spend your rewards at the end of the year, but this is a great way to take some surveys and get some extra gifts for Christmas. The surveys are fairly simple and quick to take. Also, you can decide how many you get each week. (Although if you want more you won't necessarily get them if they aren't available)

I was a bit upset with myself because I had stopped taking the surveys and once I started looking at all the subscriptions they offered I wished I had gotten a few more. I still had over $50 worth of reward cash to spend and this bought me 3 subscriptions.

Currently the highest amount you can get is $100. SInce I have begun taking the surveys they have added, I'd say at least 50 more rewards so they are getting more sponsors all the time. I have not gotten any spam from other companies, etc. from this and they do not offer an affiliate program so I am just telling you this because I think it is great. If nothing else, when you are trying to save money it allows you to buy a few "extras" for yourself just by taking some surveys.

If anyone is more interested let me know and i can try to get a list of more of the rewards. (Many may be sold out right now because they just made everyone use their rewards, but more should come online soon!)

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