Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is Jen Trying to Get Rich Quick?

No, I am not. Pretty simple. But, some might question why I am so caught up in taking surveys online. Well, I’m not really that caught up in it. I do post about it a lot because I was surprised that I actually made money off of it.

In 2007, I made a whopping grand total of $45.50 and that was beginning in the month of May which is nearly half way through the year. On top of that, there were many surveys I did not complete because I felt they were not worth my time, for example $1 for a 20 minute survey. I made an additional $50 from eRewards which I was able to cash in for three magazine subscriptions.

So, it is possible to make money with surveys although not anywhere near enough to quit your day job. I like the fact that for very little work I am making money. I have used it to splurge on small items that my budget wouldn’t allow for. Now, I am putting it all toward my emergency savings. Some of that money will eventually be used to buy things for the baby. Have I actually made enough to buy anything for the baby. Yes, so far this year I have made $8. That is at least enough to buy a couple packs of bottles, or some baby wipes, onesies, etc. So, that is why I keep bringing it up. I think if you have the time it is well worth the small effort. So here, I am going to go back through the companies I am a member of and talk about what I think of them now vs. when I was just starting out. I will also add a couple that I recently joined.

The writing in black is what I originally said in my first article. The red comments are my opinions now.

Survey SavvyThis one doesn't send as many but they do pay quickly.This company has begun sending more. As I complete more of their profile type surveys (unpaid) they find more that I can complete. In fact $6, of the 8 I just mentioned is from them within the first week of January. They will credit to paypal.
Esearch.comThis company sends good surveys and pays well for what they ask you to do. Pay quickly.
I still agree with this statement. I would say I get maybe one survey every two months from them You earn points which can later be redeemed for cash or prizes.
Not too fond of this one anymore. I have only earned 200 points, but you have to log in each day to check for surveys which is a drag. Also, that 200 points is equivalent to $2.00 and you must have $10 before you can cash in. This one is not worth the work involved to get the money.E-RewardsThis is for prizes only, but the prizes are pretty good and this site has sent me the most surveys of all. I am already up to $30 in rewards currency which can be redeemed for airline miles, yearlong magazine subscriptions, money off different retailers etc.
Still agree with everything I wrote here. Just wanted to add that I am going to continue to do these surveys and use my prizes as Christmas gifts this year.Full disclosure- some of these are affiliate links (not all -these truly are the best I know of). Once you join you can also become an affiliate.

I just joined and have already earned $2. They do not pay by cash or check but they will send you a prepaid debit card once your balance reaches $10. You can also opt for magazine subscriptions, restaurant gift cards or an Amazon gift card. $10 survey dollars equals $10 cash on any of these rewards.
This company pays $5 for you to review products you use etc. The registration was a bit lengthy. I have not gotten any surveys yet, but I just signed up yesterday. I will edit this post if I find them not up to par!!

So there you have it. My research ought to save you some time in finding a good company to join. As I have mentioned before there is one other company I belong too but I am forbidden from mentioning it. If you go to and check out the message boards you are sure to find info about it. If not then wait a few minutes and an ad will eventually pop up on the very top of the screen. It starts with a P J

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