Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Fun... Ways to Save Money or Lose a Few Friends

Alright. It is time to start being uberfrugal!!! Here are some great tips that will DEFINITELY save you money. Are they worth it? You decide.

Don't shower as frequently. This is the motherlode of frugal savings. You save on water, electricity or gas, AND, shampoo and soap!!! That is a whopping four areas you will save in if you stop taking so many baths or showers!! It is also better for the environment... in general. Not really good for the environment immediately surrounding your body.

Wear your clothes several times before washing.* So what if everyone KEEPS noticing that ketchup stain? You are saving BUCKS, honey!!! Again, water, electricity, and soap!!! Heck you are also saving on clothing costs because your clothes will last longer (although they won't smell as nice).

Invite yourself to dinner. Make it a habit of asking your friends and family members what they are having for dinner every night. When you find someone having some good eatin' invite yourself over. You can have a meal on them. If they start asking you what's for dinner in return always reply "ramen noodles". Just make sure they are within walking distance... you don't want to have to use gas to get a free meal!!

Fill 'er up! You never have to buy condiments again. Just help yourself to those little packets of ketchup, mayo and mustard when you see them. You can refill your own bottles at home. And, if you get down to the very bottom just add a few drops of water and swish it all around... good as new.

Free Gifts!!! There are lots of freebie sites on the internet. You can order all types of free samples. From fiber supplements to fish oil. Put them all together to make a nice little gift basket for someone (not-so) special. I am sure they will appreciate it... I mean it is free stuff, right?

Now, you're pushing it!! Why pay to stock your home office. Just bring home some supplies from work. Oh, wait... that is stealing... better skip this tip!!

I know some of you have some more great tips... feel free to add them!!

*This is actually something I do, although not to the point where they are stained, lol. This is not really an attempt to save money but to keep from having to do as much laundry. :)

Just in case you didn't pick up on it, this IS a joke... Happy Friday!!

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