Saturday, September 8, 2007

Update. My survey earnings

I haven't talked about my big plans to become rich taking surveys in quite a while. Ok, so I never really expected to get rich, but I thought you might like to know exactly how much I have made. Well since March of this year I have made a grand total of...... 40.50! Wow, I'm rich! No, no I'm not. :) Anyway, while it isn't very much, it was very easy and hey forty bucks is forty bucks. I still do the surveys. In fact part of that total includes a $10 survey I took just a few weeks ago. Would I be willing to take more surveys to increase this total? Probably not. I did say it was easy but it drives my husband crazy when I am sitting on the computer for 20 minutes answering a bunch of silly questions. So I am not planning on joining any more companies. I think the ones I have joined already are some of the best. If you would like to make some cash of your own look on the sidebar and click on Survey companies I use. There you will find the ones I am allowed to tell you about. I am also a member of another group that pays five dollars per survey but I am sworn to secrecy. If you head over to the Volition forums you can probably find the one I am talking about and tips on how to get an invitation.

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Shelby T said...

That is such an imaginative way to earn some money. I am having some misfortune myself right now. My ex flew in a few days agao, and took possesion of my SUV that was bought with his name ( I pay the payment). I had to run out and buy a little compact car with my savings...all of it! He said we can talk about it more after we talk about his visitations with the kids. He has a lawyer and I don't think I can afford one. I'm at a loss, emotionally and financially! Shelby T.