Saturday, September 1, 2007

I Have Will Power?

In case you aren't aware, credit cards are the easy way out. Yeah, of course you knew that. But if you haven't completely stopped using yours you can't possibly imagine the amount of will power it takes to KEEP not using them.

My family has recently had some misfortune that in the past would have had me running to the store with my credit card, but not any more. And, my husband is finally jumping on board too. He recently had a little accident with our lcd tv. While he would like to take out a loan and buy a new one, I have convinced him to save for it. So far he has nearly enough money to buy the new one. The best part is we will own it free and clear.... well, except today my daughter threw his cell phone in the bathtub and he had to use some of his "tv money" to replace the phone. But hey, he actually HAD money to buy the phone. In the past I would have listened to him complain about it until I finally broke down and put it on my card. (He does not have any).

What I find funny is how hard it is to not want to take the easy way out. I know how much I hate being in debt and yet when these things happen I really have to stop myself and put it all in perspective.

I guess what I am really trying to say is, if you are on this journey with me, I am really proud of you and you should be really proud of yourself. It is the harder way to do things but your future self will truly be greatful.

By the way I will be back soon with a complete report on this month's grocery challenge!! I have one last receipt to check out and have to put it all together.

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