Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cash4Books Insurance

If you sell books to Cash4Books and I know some of my readers probably do, you need to know that you can get insurance on your package. My last shippment was stolen by someone at the post office. My box, which was wrapped VERY securely, in fact more securely than my first, was found floating around in Memphis. I got a nice little letter saying that I should be more careful next time and make sure I pack my package along with the label. Uh, DUH! Who would accept an empty box at the post office anyway? Well, I emailed Cash4Books just to let them know what had happened and that I didn't just forget to send the package. They let me know that they have information on their website with the exact postal code to give the cashier if you are told you cannot put insurance on a pre-paid label. Apparently many of thier customers have been told this and it is not true. I will not make any more shippments to them without putting insurance on the package. It is not that expensive and is well worth it if your items are stolen like mine.

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