Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ways to Waste Money

You know I have never really thought of this until today. I mean I know it is a waste, but I had never thought of it as a waste of money.

I am talking about letting food spoil before it is eaten. This week I went shopping and bought things for two new recipes I wanted to try. I also bought some other odds and ends. Well, the bananas I bought are sitting on the counter getting browner and browner (only two left, but still). The meat I bought I just checked and it expired two days ago. I don't know if I can use it or not now. I know those dates are kind of just guidelines but I don't chance it when it comes to our health. Luckily I put the fish in the freezer so it is still okay. However, I am so aggrivated with myself because it was such a waste of food AND money.

So of course I thought well, if I didn't eat that food I obviously ate something else right? And, more important, did that cost me more money? Yes and no. I bought more things for breakfast which is why the bananas did not get eaten. And, especially since I am pregnant I don't really think the cinnamon strusel cake was a good choice over the banana! Also one night my husband didn't want to wait for me to cook so I went to taco bell. The meal I was going to prepare with the now spoiled meat was going to be low fat and low sodium.... oh well. And the reason I say we didn't spend more money every night is because one night a friend came over and he bought pizza so on that night we didn't spend any extra money and I even took some pizza for lunch the next day.

Wow, I just realized that not only are we spending more money but I am really eating poorly.

So how do I fix this? I bought less food last week knowing that a couple of times we would probably do take out. So that was good, but I let the food get ruined. The meat is easy enough. I just needed to put it in the fridge. As for the bananas, one meal I never plan for is breakfast. I need to start doing that too. Actually I need to make a little menu and stick it on the fridge. Since I have been pregnant I haven't wanted to eat anything in the morning. Not morning sickness, just being hormonal I guess. So maybe if I make a menu I will just make myself what is on it. I will try that this week.

If anyone has anymore foodwise money saving tips I would love to hear them! I hate wasting money. Don't you?

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