Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Happened to Pear Budget

I had a really bad mix up last month. Two weeks before the month was over I only had $60 left in my account. I went over things again and again but I couldn’t figure out what happened. I don’t want to just come right out and blame the Pear Budget software I started using this month, but I put in every single thing that I spend and it is still telling me I have money left over. If I go by this that means that on my $60 I should have been able to pay two more weeks of daycare, and two more weeks of gas. Now, gas alone was going to be $80 so something obviously went wrong. Next month I am going to use it again, but I am also going to keep up with my paper budget that was working so well before. I can’t have a screw up like that again. I ended up having to pull close to $200 out of my emergency/crisis plan savings to cover it. That is really not good.

On the up side. I will have an exact total of what I spent on groceries and gas. I have found that there is no way for me to save as much as I was planning each month. I am going to try to do as much as possible but it won’t be near as much as I was hoping for.

Anyway, I still think Pear Budget is a good tool. I am sure somewhere I just messed it up. I will try again next month and see how it turns out.

I would be curious if anyone else has used this program and experienced any problems.


Charlie Park said...

Jen -

I can't find a way to contact you, so if you want to e-mail me (my first name at pearbudget dot com), maybe we can hash out what happened. Cool? I'm cleaning the basement tonight, so I might not be able to get back to you until tomorrow, but just get in touch, and we can figure it out. Thanks!

Charlie Park
(the guy behind PearBudget)

paidtwice said...

get, and it took me a while to figure out which numbers mean what. I found it best for me to just look at the ones on the bottom, total income and total spent and ignore any other totals.

That being said, it was fine the first month I used it and then last month I screwed it all up and had to fix it because of money carried over, and although I have solved it for now, it isn't working like I want. so... hmm.

good luck!