Monday, February 18, 2008

Where Have the Wants Gone?

I have been noticing that the last couple of months I have not had the urge to spend that I have had in the past. Perhaps it is pregnancy hormones? I like to think it is just me, finally realizing that what I really want is my debt gone so I can have MY money back. Paying those debts every month keeps me from having it to spend on other things.

“Thing” is, right now, I really don’t want ANYTHING. Seriously, it was very hard for anyone to buy me anything for my birthday or Christmas because there just wasn’t anything that I wanted or needed. I even skipped the 3D ultrasound that at first I really, really wanted. And, in the name of full disclosure, I almost caved, but I didn’t and now I am $175 richer because of it.

Another way we saved money recently… my husband and I decided neither one of us really likes Valentine’s Day so we decided not to exchange gifts. (And, this was mostly MY idea in case you are wondering.) I have just never had an emotional attachment to that holiday so what is the point of celebrating just for the act of celebrating. Our anniversary is kind of like our Valentine’s Day for me, and it is only a few months away, so we will celebrate then.

I guess the thing you have to understand is that this is a huge turn around for me. I almost always want something. I don’t usually buy it, but obviously I have in the past or I wouldn’t have any debt, lol. But, for some reason there really is nothing I want right now. There are things that we need and will be purchasing for the baby, but right now I am really enjoying this. I am saving money, AND I don’t feel deprived at all!!

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