Sunday, February 3, 2008

Surprisingly, January Was Not So Bad

Let's see, we had to pay our rediculous house taxes and my husband's road taxes this month, but we actually were able to save quite a bit of money! WHAT!!!

Well, we had a small windfall just in time to pay our taxes which we were not at all ready for. We had cash left over even after that and I was able to save from his check AND mine. I have no clue how that happened but I am not complaining.

I did something a little bad, but I am not going to beat myself up over it. I waited to pay for my car repairs until this last credit card bill was due. So, I paid off what extra I had put on with money I took out of our emergency savings, but I waited until the bill was due in essence skipping this month's payment which I put into savings. So my debt did not get any lower, but it won't get any higher either.

I was really excited to see two big bills drop. On my car I now owe less than 10 grand, and that nasty furniture bill is finally under 7. (Ouch, still sucks but hey it is getting better).

In other good news, my car insurance went down this past month. My cell bill was also down a bit. I don't know why all of these are lower but I am not complaining one bit. We got our Christmas electric bill though and wow.... it was pretty steep!

On the baby front, we really lucked out this month. My MIL came down and wanted to go baby shopping. She bought us a lot of the things we didn't have yet. Saving us a good $200 which will get to stay in savings to help pay for bills while I am on maternity leave and hospital expenses not covered by insurance. I made a new list of things that we really do need, things that we need but can wait on (like a highchair), and things that are purely wants (like that stroller). After my baby shower in March we will get whatever is left to be purchased only if it is a true necessity and not a "oh but this is so cute" purchase.

In disasters waiting to happen, my husband's laptop has gone kaput. It is not recognizing the hard drive at all. I pulled out my old laptop and he is using it, but it truly is a dinosaur. It takes a good 15 minutes to boot up which I warned him about. So he is now on a mission to buy a new computer. When he gets like this it is very hard to reason with him. He sees it as a NEED not a WANT. The fact that we need to be saving for the baby and the upcoming bills does not even factor into the equation for him. So, I guess I will probably be updating more on that in the near future.

So, even though January felt like it would never end we made out pretty good!! I have already looked at what is going to happen next month and I think the savings will continue. I will have more on that tomorrow with my "notebook" system that works so well for me.

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