Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am going to lose my lunch!!

No, not like that!!! I am really bummed out though. I have started eating Healthy Choice frozen dinners for lunch at work. I can eat in the cafeteria for $2.60 but the food is really bad for me. I have to watch sodium and of course fat and all of their items are cooked in heavy butter, etc. So, I found some HC meals that were also $2.60. I still had to pay tax on that but to me it was worth a little extra money for something a bit healthier.

Well, I was really excited when the price was down to $2.00!! I still only bought my weekly amount which was a big mistake. I should have stocked way up. The next week the price went back up to two-sixty but I had a coupon which helped a little. This week the darn things are up to $3.16!!! I had my coupon again and was all ready to buy until I saw that. I decided not to get any at all as I still have a few in my freezer. Now, I don't know what to do. I can't keep making trips just to check and see if they have gone on sale. I have no idea if or when Walmart decides to mark those things down. I was thinking of trying again on Tuesday since I am off and I heard many stores mark down on that day. If I ever see them down to $2.00 again though I am going to have a cart full of green boxes... that is for sure!!!

I guess the lesson here is... if you see something you use a lot of at a low price it really does pay to stock up.

The MATH- If I buy the meals at $3.16 plus tax I am going to spend an extra 0.78 cents a day. That works out to $3.90 extra a week. If they stay at that price it will add almost $16 to my grocery budget a month. Not cool!!! So, do I keep eating healthy or go for the less expensive food? I guess my best hope is they go back on sale!


Momthing1 said...

You have more than 2 choices (Healthy Choice frozen or cafeteria food). You can bring something else for lunch, a sandwich, leftovers, etc. I like to bring Campbell's Healthy Choice soups (I watch my sodium too) to work with me. Just the can, I add water and microwave at work.

Jen said...

So true!! I guess I like the other choices because both have such a good size serving of veggies. I will have to try the soup you mention though.