Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crisis averted?

A few days ago I posted that my husband's computer was not working at ALL. The hard drive was not being recognized by the computer. I started thinking.... didn't we JUST replace that hard drive? Yeah, we did. So I was looking at the back and read something about doing such and such would void the warranty.... THE WARRANTY.... It had to still be under warranty. I checked the website that was on the hard drive. Now, I am thinking MAYBE I can find a phone number to call and see what can be done because I know we don't have the receipt anymore. Well, I found the site, and lo and behold it had an automated warranty look up. I put in the serial number and found that it didn't expire until August!!! Even better, they had an automated process that allows you to go ahead and order a new one!! I couldn't believe how easy it was. It should be here tomorrow. My husband wanted to go out and spend another $100 on a new hard drive. I am SO glad I thought about the warranty when I did!!

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