Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some things I did today to lower my monthly bills...

I called our home phone service and had several services we weren't using taken off that will save $10 a month. I also switched from unlimited long distance to a plan that will allow us to use it in a pinch but will not cost so much. We can just use our cell phones for long distance calls. That will save us $25 a month. Then I called my cell company and got my bill down by $10 a month. I am going to stop paying $100 into my deferred comp each month and the $50 that goes into the girls' college fund. I know that sounds horrible but if I don't do something we will just keep racking up debt. My husband has agreed to let me try to sell his motorcycle at my garage sale this weekend. If we can get rid of it that will free up $300 a month.

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