Sunday, March 25, 2007

Road Blocks

So my husband comes home yesterday and informs me that we can now buy a flat panel tv to go with the $10,000 worth of furniture I put on a credit card which in turn inspired this blog. How might you ask? Did he cash in his mutual fund which earns only 3% interest? No. Was he saving up to surprise me? NO! He extended a loan that would have been paid off in THREE months for another two years at 8% interest!!! And what's more? He expected me to be really happy about it!!! He did not even hint that he was thinking about it. I asked him if he understood that when your savings is earning 3% and you take out a loan earning 8% you are LOSING money. He told me that he had done a lot of "research" before he did this. I guess that means getting the green light from his buddies. Of course this resulted in a fight and him wanting me to apologize for not being happy with him. I told him he could get his tv but he had to read Suze Orman's book. He agreed. I just recently paid $500 out of my saving on his high interest credit card 28.99% if you must know (that is what he bought my christmas present with). That will never happen again. I am just going to be focusing on my stuff from here on out. I hope the book helps him. I take care of all of our bills and he has no responsibility for it at all. He simply adds to the problem. Not sure what I can or should really do here.

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