Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cool Article on Spending

I use Microsoft Money to balance things and while putting in some expenses today I came across this article about neat ways to trick yourself into saving money.

I think I have decided on my saving/debt reduction/ etc etc problem. I am going to open up an account at HSBC and start with just $25 a month. I will never miss that. I opened the Save Yourself account at TD Ameritrade. If you haven't done so go to Suze follow the links for the Save Yourself plan. If you save $50 a month for 12 consecutive months they will give you $100! Code is 701 and to get your own action plan on her site under women and money the code is eieio. If anyone has the code for Young Fabulous and Broke I would greatly appreciate it. I will probably buy it, but not while I am still working on the W&M plan. So anywho, the $50 is going into that account just so I can get the free cash. I guess that will be my independent savings. The account at HSBC will be for the general family emer fund. I had been keeping my savings in PayPal because their interest rates absolutely blow everyone else out of the water, but they don't offer automatic deposits. I will not save my cash if I can't have auto payments. Oh, one thing that sucks about TD Ameritrade- you cannot put money in except from like the 25th to the 28th of the month. I am going to have to be really careful about making sure I have the funds in my account. Oh, I am also going to try putting away certain amounts of cash in envelopes. I will do one for lunch, one for dining out $40 only, and maybe my gas? That way if I have any left over I can put it towards my debt!! We'll see!

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