Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wants, wants, wants

I want a Wii Fit game and balance board SOOOOOO bad!!! I have wanted it for over a year or whenever it was that they first announced it would be released. Then I read a review of it and now I really really want one. However, I really really really want to be out of debt. After the changes we made to our insurance and seeing the bills that have come in from the hospital and doctors' offices I think there is a chance I may be able to completely pay off my credit card bill. If this is the case I can then use the money from that bill to finally snowball the next debt!! I have even considered if I am able to do that, stopping my retirement savings for a short time and really hitting all the debt. I would do that until I have everything but my student loan paid off. Then the money would go back to retirement. By that time I would have other money to snowball anyway. So, as much as I want that game I am finally thinking about what NEEDS to be done instead of what I want. This is a good step for me.

And, I don't mean that I usually give into all my wants. I don't normally have wants like this... which is good, but in the past when I did have a want like this I would probably find a way to get it. But now I see that $90 as getting me that much closer to paying off my debt. Yea me!!

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