Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More posts soon!!

Sorry I have been MIA. I am back at work now trying to close out for the year. My baby has been a little sick too. So, I am working on a lot right now. I actually have to spend $10,000 by Friday... I hate it, because it takes a lot of work to spend that kind of money, but it also helps me curb my need to shop and it is fun spending someone else's money!!! Even though it will belong to work I am getting a new digital camera so that will be cool!! This is my first time doing all the budget spending for work and I still can't believe they give me that kind of cash to spend. Too cool!! I have been having one of those "kid playing grown up" days today. I am too old to still be having those!!

Anyway, I am looking forward to doing some more posting soon. I am just totally swamped right now.

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