Friday, April 25, 2008

Trying out some frugal tips

I have been really looking into frugality stuff online. So far I am going to really try to give clipping coupons a try. I am getting a great deal on 1/2 off a regular subscription to the local newspaper on Sunday only so if I use at least one coupon a week it will pay for itself.

I also used a CD holder I got for free at a conference to make myself a little coupon holder. I was going to go buy something to keep them in but I though of this idea and am SO proud of myself.

Again though on people doing illegal things for frugality.... Some of these coupon people are nuts. One thing I read that was suggested was peeling coupons off of products with coupons on them. I think this is stealing. I have picked up things before because they had these "peelies" on them and gotten to the register to find one of the items had it already removed. That makes me really mad. I feel like these belong to the person buying the item.

Also apparently you can lie to managers and tell them they are out of something on sale and get a raincheck. Then you go back to the store and buy some of that item on sale and use the raincheck later when it is not on sale. Again, this is not exactly illegal but it is really dishonest. I just wouldn't feel good about myself if I did something like that.

So anyway, if you have any coupon or fugal tips to pass on please post them here!!

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