Friday, April 25, 2008

My most recent saving money blunders... oops!!

Sometimes the ideas on ways to save money are great, but the journey there... not so much!!

I recently got a haircut for the first time in 10 months..... yeah, I guess that saved me some cash. But, I asked her how much it would be to color my hair because I wanted to go back to my natural color so I didn't have to keep buying haircolor... thus saving that money each month or so. Well, it was going to be around $90 and I did not expect that my haircut was going to cost me $40 so I decided to just color it myself with a shade close to my natural color.

Umm... that was a disaster. My hair was gray on the ends because I had used an ash blonde instead of a golden blonde (later explained to me by the color advisor on the 1-800-help I messed up my hair line).... So, I ended up having to buy TWO more boxes of haircolor to fix it. Total cost... around $21. Better than the salon but still wasted money.

Then I decided that I would buy a water filter and stop buying bottled water each week for work. So I got one that went on the tap. Well, it ruined our faucet while we were trying to get it on so we had to buy a new set up for $90. The filter itself was $50 and was also ruined in the attempt to get it OFF said broken faucet. However, Walmart took it back as defective, because it was... the thing leaked from places it shouldn't have. And, I used that money to buy a $30 pitcher that fits in the fridge instead. Plus its filters are cheaper.

So, I guess I came out on top after all. The pitcher will probably pay for the faucet in about a year. Not coloring my hair will pay for itself in about a year as well (I probably only go through 4 boxes of haircolor in a year anyway) and now my hair is normal and we have clean water. I just wish it hadn't been such a battle!!!

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