Saturday, August 18, 2007


Wow, I really need to look at a calendar before I work out my budget from now on. I totally forgot that there were essentially 5 weeks in this month. I was off on daycare, gas, and my grocery budget. I am actually having to tap into the emergency fund this month which sucks.

Okay, so on to groceries. I have a cold or bad allergies today so I didn't keep up with my store brand savings this week... sorry! My grand total was just below $124 Here is how it broke down.

94.41 was all grocery
29.49 was other expenses. This week it included cold medicine and upholstery cleaner because one of my little darlings spilled milk in my car and neglected to tell me until I got in one morning and almost threw up from the smell.

If nothing else, I guess I can say that I did well on "other" expenses this week. I will be back to post more later!

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