Sunday, August 12, 2007

An Extra $6 Lost!

Yesterday I posted about my $6.90 savings at the grocery store from buying store brands. Well, today I realized that I had $6 in coupons on my refridgerator. I have no idea why I didn't think about it when my husband said we were out of dog food. I forgot it the last time also. I had one for pull-ups too, which I almost always have because most diapers give you a coupon inside. I am so upset with myself for missing out on yet another opportunity to save some cash!! Oh, well, it isn't like I "lost" the six bucks, I can always use it later.... if I remember!!


Shelby T said...

I always use coupons! I just went shopping yesterday and saved $14.37 with manufacturer and in-store coupons. I just wished I could save everywhere else. I have tried generic beauty products, but I end up throwing them I always buy a good brand of shampoo for me, and always a good one for the kids!!! I finally have an emergency fund. My ex was nice enough to catch up on some child support he missed in the beginning. So, I now have $1,275 for a "rainy day". Thank goodness for child support. He's non-supportive every other way unfortunately. So, I guess we just have to look at them as a paycheck instead of a dad to our have been there so I am sure you know what I mean! I am tempted to use the money to pay down a card. What is your advice...emergency fund or paydown a card? Thanks for your support and advice! Any chance you'll start a blog for moms? Especially for presently or "used to be" single moms dealing with streeses and exes? Shelby T.

Jen said...

My advice is to always build up at least $1000 in an emergency fund before you pay down your cards. That way if you need something that you would normally put on the card you have the emergency fund. I would like to start a blog for just about everything but I just don't have time. SInce I have gone back to work I barely have time to post here...ugh... which I hate because I really like doing this blog! Thanks for your continued support!!

Jilse said...

I find that using coupons can save you plenty of money if you know when to use them. Wait for the item you want to go on sale, and then whip ut the coupon for an extra savings. I do this with diapers for my 6 month old. I wait for pampers or huggies to go on sale for 8 dollars a jumbo pack, then I combine the sale with a 1.50 off coupon from the manufactorer and then if I am really lucky I will have an instore coupon as well. Using all three I can get a package of diapers for as low as 4.50 a jumbo pack.

I carry a coupon holder in my purse so that my coupons are always with me when I need them. Too many times in the past I have needed a coupon and then realized I had left them at home. Now whereever I go, the coupons go with me.

Jen said...

Jilse- that is a great tip. I am going to start trying that!!