Sunday, April 1, 2007

Supplementing Income

Let me start this post by saying I think my husband is crazy. When I told him about how I was not making enough money to cover the bills he said, well, you need to get a part-time job. So I ask, who will watch the kids.... well he will, so I say "YOU get a job". Lol, anyway, I am trying some things to supplement my income. I realized last night that I was looking at things the wrong way. Instead of trying to FIND a NEW job, I could just find some things that would add income to my current income. Since I am a teacher and summer is coming up I decided to sign on with two companies as a mystery shopper. There is already a prospect for checking out a pizza joint so hey... if nothing else I will get some FREE pizza. We also travel to Minneapolis a lot so next time I am there I could do some shops also. I also signed up with three online survey companies- Survey Savvy, NFO and Esearch. All three pay cash for surveys. I found them by reading this blog article:
Scroll down and you can read his updates. He actually IS making money. Not $150 an hour, but I am thinking I can use the small amounts of cash to slowly build up my emergency fund, etc. So let see I will count this for the month of March too. My steps toward paying off my debt for the month of March have been:

1. I am controlling my spending. No more eating out etc.

2. I called my phone and cell companies and turned up about $50 a month worth of savings.

3. I am having a garage sale.

4. Signed up for online surveys and mystery shopping.

5. I haven't had a weekday to do it yet, but I also plan to call and stop my deferred comp and college saving for the girls.... that almost makes me want to cry but it will be $150 to put toward debt.

For April exclusively-
1. I will change my W whatever to get more cash in my check. I am claiming 0 deductions right now.

2. I will keep you updated on the sale, and the other goals, surveys and mystery shops.

If you have any other ideas please feel free to post them here. I am sure others are looking for more ideas as well.


Technobabble said...

Best of luck with the online surveys, Jen! :) Five bucks for a five minute survey isn't bad money.

JenViews said...

Hey, I made $1.50 last night! Not so bad.

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing a lot of things really well. I found this blog looking for information on online stock broker companies. Reading this last post though I cringed when you said that you were going to change your "W whatever". I just wanted to suggest that you not change your deductions, 0 basically guarantees a refund. You may not be making money on those taxes for 12 months but you also won't end up with a new debt when you file your taxes next year. Plus when you do get your tax return you can use the whole of it for an extra big payment on one of your credit cards.

I wish you luck with your financial future :)