Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Carnival of Debt Management Posted...More

Hey! The latest Carnival of Debt Management has been posted and my article is featured! Cool!

Also here is a site to check out if you are trying to earn a "little" extra cash. They have links for mystery shoppers, surveys, even how to start a FREE cafe press store. Definitely worth checking out.

Update: So far I have made a total of $1.50 for surveys. I have been sent only one since I signed up. I guess that is the downfall for these things. They just don't send many.

I was also offered a mystery shopping assignment for pizza BUT they would only cover $20 toward the cost of pizza and $1.00 for the tip. The twenty was fine but I wasn't cool with only giving a one dollar tip. So I passed. I did sign up with a new one though that does casinos. I hear the shops for casinos, hotels, etc are much better than the retail/restaurant types. We'll see!!

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