Sunday, April 1, 2007

Oh yeah- Check these out!!

I just got an envelope from Sprint with a pre-paid postage sticker and an offer to buy my old cell phone for $25. I don't know if this is available for all types of phones but I am sure you can research it and find out.

Also, HSBC is offering 6% interest on new money from now until the end of April. I WISH I hadn't depleted my savings because moving it there would have really paid off. Oh well, I started an account with 20 bucks and if my garage sale pays off that will go in also. After the end of April it goes to 5.05 I think.

Want 100 dollars for FREE? Go to and register using code 701 after 12 monthly deposits of at least $50 TD Ameritrade will give you $100!!! cool!

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